Implementation of RDLFormatCode

A simple RDLFormatCode processing function is accessible via the Node API that handles conversion of a raw desc property into HTML. Mapping from RDLFC to HTML is actually pretty trivial, but here are some additional considerations.

Array index tags

In order to support dynamic page generation, the [index] and [index_parent] tags are outputted as <span> tags. These tags are annotated with class='rdlfc-index' and class='rdlfc-index_parent' respectively. The tag’s text contains the indexes as described by the spec. Annotating the tags with a class allows dynamic HTML pages to search-and-replace the contents of these tags with updated values as-appropriate.

The [desc] tag

Intentionally not implemented.

See SystemRDL Spec Errata for more details.

Markdown Extension

After RDLFormatCode processing, the resulting text is passed through a Markdown formatter. This gives the user the option to use a more modern lightweight markup language as an alternative to RDLFormatCode.